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Learning bagpipes is not easy. It is indeed one of the most difficult instruments in the world. The finger technique is not very difficult. With only nine notes, there are only nine finger combinations that you have to learn. But there is a lot to it, such as blowing technique, keeping pressure, learning to march and play all music from the top of your head. This means that learning to master the instrument is a long process.


Usually the average player spends two years on the practice chanter, a practice instrument. Then it takes another two years to control the bagpipes themselves. Depending on commitment and talent, this process can go faster or slower. In any case, it is an instrument that requires discipline.

The options for lessons are as follows:

  • You can hire me for a workshop. I will give an hour-long explanation of the instrument and bring practice instruments so that we can get off to a good start. I will provide a complete explanation of the instrument, the attire, and the music that goes along with it. At the end of the workshop, I will assist you in exploring options for regular lessons in your area. The cost is approximately €200.

  • You can take lessons with a band. I am currently playing with the Lowland Brigade Pipe Band. With this band, you will receive personalized instruction, and the band will provide the instruments and lesson materials. The lessons take place at the band's location in Zwolle. The cost of this is €12.50 per month.

At the moment, I do not offer regular lessons, but it is possible to receive temporary lessons from me depending on the situation and your specific needs. In this case, please contact me at

Jaco Koster Doedelzakspeler huren Doedelzakker
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