There are many occasions where a bagpipe player can be a very nice and fun addition. A bagpipe player is something special. The instrument produces a beautiful and penetrating sound. An occasion where one makes use of a bagpipe player will not be forgotten!

At birthday parties and anniversaries it can be nice to surprise a person with bagpipe music. I am often asked to walk inward or out of the garden as a surprise while playing a familiar tune. The surprise is great among those present, and the effect is amazing.

At weddings there are plenty of ways in which a bagpipe player can contribute. What is most common is that the bagpipe player plays in the church, and on the arrival of the guests and newly weds at the reception. The most famous tunes are Highland Cathedral and Amazing Grace, which I have been allowed to play several times when the bride and groom walk to the altar. The bagpipe player can walk for them in a solemn way, but the bagpipe player can  also stand elsewhere in the church. In some cases an organist can also play along for a wonderful musical effect.


At funerals I am often asked to play at the service, but also to accompany the procession from the church or hall to the grave. These are often very solemn, but also very personal services. The sound of the bagpipe also fits very well here. Much of the music written for the bagpipe also focuses on funerals and memorials, because the music touches the people.

At ceremonies and commemorations a piper can play tunes in the background or in front of the parade. The proper tunes can be sellected for the occasion. The bagpipe has a rich repertoire of music, so that there is an appropriate tune for every occasion.

Finally, there are numerous events, such as markets, regional events or openings of construction sites or buildings where a bagpipe player can be used. This makes the event just a bit more special and ensures that it stays in the memory of everyone who was present.


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